The World Series of Fitness is coming to Miami – The Fitness Competition for Every Body!

Date(s) - 10/19/2019
All Day

Miami Beach Convention Center

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New York, October 16th 2019: The German event company Upsolut Sports just launched
their business in the United States. “We wanted to create an athletic event that is for Every
Body – from a professional to an amateur,” says Moritz Fürste, founder and two-time Olympic
Champion. In Germany the competition has already had an enormous amount of success.
Starting with its first official event in Hamburg in October, 2018 more than 10,000 athletes
have competed at HYROX in ten different cities such as Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt.
“Season 2 just started and we are looking forward to expand our business with our second
branch in New York City,” says Michael Trautmann, founder and CSO of Upsolut Sports.

A unique combination of HIIT, functional workouts and running
The competition starts with a 1-km run, followed by one functional workout – such as rowing,
farmer’s carry, or lunges. This set is repeated eight times. This combination of functional
exercises and endurance in different divisions (HYROX Women/Men, HYROX Pro Women/Pro
Men, Singles, Doubles) and Age Groups makes HYROX unique. Up to 3,000 participants per
event compete and finish in the same race, on the same course. By using timing chips, each
participant will receive an individual finishing time and is able to compare themselves with
other athletes all over the world. Each season culminates with the World Championships. In
2020, it will take place in the German capital Berlin. Current World Record Holders are the
Hamburg based athlete Imke Salander with 1:08:08 and the police officer Lukas Storath with
only 00:58:09. Any athlete who breaks this record at any time and any competition will
receive an immediate $5000 cash reward.

A new defined sport
With over 55 million members in health and fitness clubs, fitness itself is one of the most
popular sports in the US. HYROX is the first fitness competition in an event format for this
large group of athletes which provides the motivation for an intensive training in the gym.
“To challenge each other and yourself in such different disciplines within one competition is
remarkable. I have never experienced a spirit like this between athletes throughout a
competition,” says HYROX ambassador Anthony Mendez who is going to be part of the first
US event in Miami on October 19th. FIBO USA is an industry summit, education program, and
fitness festival, that will take place from October 17-19th 2019. This will be the US premiere
event followed by New York, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles.

Four events planned for season 1
The event in Miami on October 19th 2019 will be the first out of five events in the US. In
addition to Miami, HYROX will take place in New York City (December 15th 2019), Chicago (January 25th 2020), Dallas (February 22nd 2020) and Los Angeles (March 28th 2020). “We are
expecting up to 3,000 participants per event,” says Christian Toetzke, founder of Upsolut
Sports. “Our goal is to establish HYROX as a new event trend and sport in the US – made in

If you would like to be part of HYROX – The fitness competition for every body–or would like
to receive more information please contact Michelle Fiabane at +1.812.295.7248, or email

Date: 10/19/2019

Location: Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Starting Waves:

HYROX Women: 10:00-10:10 am
HYROX Doubles Women: 10:30 am
HYROX Men: 10:50am -11:10 am
HYROX Doubles Mixed: 11:30 am
HYROX Doubles Men: 11:40 pm
HYROX Pro Women: 11:50 am
HYROX Pro Men: 12:10-12:20 pm

HYROX North American Headquarters
Upsolut Sports America
Michelle Fiabane
M: +1.812.295.7248 | E:
57 Orchard Street, 2nd floor | New York, NY 10002

Upsolut Sports
Upsolut Sports is a Hamburg based sports-events agency, founded by Christian Toetzke,
Michael Trautmann and Moritz Fürste in 2017. The three sports marketing executives are
experts in sports know-how, event marketing and brand management. The agency’s vision is
to create events and formats that bring sports and brands together in a creative way.

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